Day 5 of 100 – Declutter 101

It starts in the mind. Let go………

If it doesn’t fit or you haven’t worn it in 6 months or you haven’t used it….. get rid of it. Easier said than done. Purging clutter has to be one of the most difficult exercises, because of mental blocks. We are comfortable with the familiar, even if that means a wardrobe bulging with clothes that don’t fit. These clothes fall into two categories – too big, and too small.

We keep the too big stuff ‘just in case’, …. If that little voice convinces you to hang on to clothing that is too big in case you need it again one day, you are not really committed to the plan. You’re not really into this ‘getting healthy and slim’ thing at all……. you’re just humouring yourself for now.

We keep the too small stuff because we’re convinced we’ll fit into it soon. 3 Years later it still hangs in the cupboard, taunting us, reminding us of our long-term failure and lack of willpower. It makes us shout at ourselves for being weak and disgusting, but it will stay right there, for another year or two or twenty. Some of those items even still have price tags on, because when we bought those things, we also firmly believed we would lose the weight and fit into them in a matter of weeks. Riiiiight. We’ll justify not giving it away or getting rid of it because it would be a waste of our hard-earned money – trust me – we’ve eaten more than ten times the value of each item in less time than they’ve been hanging there, and what have we got to show for THAT?! Fat? There’s a good investment eh?!

Lighten your load! Lighten everything in your environment, get into this theme! It’s really hard at first, but once you get into the rhythm it is totally LIBERATING! Best part of it is that it becomes easier, and really exciting as you start losing weight, and get to donate or discard clothes because they are now getting too big and baggy!

Are you hanging onto a pair of jeans that ten years ago made you look amazing? What for? When you gain and then lose weight, your body shape changes, you’re never going to look the same in them again anyway. Get rid of the old, the stale, the too big the too small… let it be symbolic of the weight you want to lose – OUT OUT OUT!

You have to get rid of the old to make way for the new…… so how about decluttering to make way for the new YOU. Keep only what fits now, be present in the present and enjoy it, let go of the angst and the reminders staring you in the face everyday screaming “You will fail and need me again!” or “You have failed for three years already do you have no discipline?!”…. Kick it out!

By keeping what is here and now, and nothing that represents an expectation, you clear the way for your own complete reinvention. A whole new you that will unfold as you go along.

I cannot get to a new me through old things or ideas……


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