Yo-Yo-Yo-Yo and on I go….

Here I am again. With a four month goal again. I want to lose 15kgs by 3 September. No wait, let me rephrase that………..


2016. (Because let’s face it….. open-ended vague statements are a fatty’s crutch.)

Whatever I lost last year came back and brought a few extra friends in the form of kilos…. So let’s list the excuses (that’s really all they are at the end of the day – you don’t stop breathing because you faced a tragedy do you?)

A family member fell ill, we flew up and down a few times, expecting a full recovery, but he passed away very unexpectedly.

Hubby and I went to Italy. I rest my case. I may have left them all a morsel of pizza crust to survive on, but I ate everything else they had and I did not stop to worry about the sad faces of little Italian kids crying to their parents, demanding to know why they let the fat lady eat all their food.

And their cousins’ food…….

I even ate Italian food during our short visit to Paris, and then when we got back home the eating frenzy continued right through Christmas and New Year…….. because……… because I love food. Okay???

With my wardrobe down to perhaps four and a half items that fit, and more travels on the cards, and of course the desperate hope to have at least one less chin when the Visa photos are taken, I am back on another four month weight-loss drive……… which won’t end there…..

The first 15kgs is for Springtime in South Africa (September), and then I still have 5kgs to lose by the end of November so that I am fit, strong and ready for exciting international travels once more.

The treadmill has been dusted and lubed.
I have been powdered in all the high-friction spots, lubed in all the ‘ehem’ place that will catch on fire if combined with talc and friction, and I am ready for the next round. Round being my shape.