Doing it My Weigh

This blog is about my journey to FABULOSITY! Yep, it’s a word now.

Diets are toxic, and anyone who suggests cutting out chocolate and wine, just pure evil. I have not tried many diets, fad or otherwise, but among my entire group of family and friends, just about every diet and potion available has been tried and tested, all with rather disappointing results it appears.

I am obese. I did not wake up one morning and realise I was twice the woman I used to be, oh no; it was a gradual process that required years of shovelling fantastic things down my throat, developing a love affair with sweets and cakes and all kinds of bakes! At some stage, treats were no longer treats, I was feeding on autopilot, loading up the sugar and processed foods and velvety smooth saturated fats, but there was no longer any real enjoyment in it. Eating became a habit, a monster that needed to be fed all the time.

Whether a monster or inner child, somebody needs to take control and say “NO”. Even inner children and monsters need guidance and discipline.

However, I don’t believe diets are the answer. Let’s be honest, if even one diet really did work, not one new programme or potion would show up on the market again! Not one! And yet, every day, there is a new eating plan, diet, miracle pill or injection on the market promising to trim the fat! In my opinion, the more diets and potions there are the fatter the world gets. Perhaps that is precisely the problem.

Instead, I have committed to four months of better choices. Not cutting out any foods, adding a bit of exercise to my days, and simply making better choices, healthier choices than before. I am paying attention to portion sizes, and my daily mantra is “UNDER A HUNDRED!” On 3 October, when my four months finish, I want to weigh less than 100 kilograms (220 pounds). I believe I can lose 13 kilos (28 pounds) in 4 months by simply eating less and choosing better!

With just over a hundred days of my journey left, I’ve decided to create this blog and add daily random posts about anything from personal insights, ups and downs (‘scuse the pun) and my progress along the way, and whether trying new or different things work or not.

Join me! Let’s try something different for four months to stop the insanity of the diet rollercoaster and impossible goals that just make us feel bad about ourselves. What do you have to lose?

Let’s pour a glass of wine and get started!