Day 10 of 100 – Shrinking

Shrinking portions that is!

I have found the easiest way for me to control my portion sizes – fish plates!

Side plates are way too small, and dinner plates tend to be rather large, to the extent that they can make normal sized portions look tiny and lost on a great ceramic expanse. I have bought myself a set of fish plates, and it takes all the guess work out of portioning. I allocate a quarter of the plate for my meat or protein, another quarter for starch – potatoes or pumpkin or rice etc, and finally the remaining half of the plate for vegetables or salad. And because I use all the plate space it looks like I have a loaded plate of food, when in fact it is a normal portion of everything.

Also, there is something to be said for having a meal on beautiful crockery. It elevates the mood and the perception of the value of the food served on it. It makes me feel special to have my meals on special crockery, and it ‘activates’ my restaurant manners! I eat more slowly, appreciating and savouring every bite. Make yourself a VIP at every meal! Haul out the “good” plates and glasses, and make every meal an occasion….

We spend so much time preparing our meals, and then we spend mere minutes shovelling it down our throats. Respect the cook in you! Thank yourself for making you such a lovely meal, and then enjoy every bite!

I find that when I eat more slowly, I am perfectly satisfied long before I finish everything on my plate.

So how about treating yourself to some gorgeous new plates, and appreciating your inner chef!