Day 16 of 100 : Those Were the Days

The days of my youth were vastly different from nowadays, in my naughty forties! What has changed?

My childhood meant big Sunday feasts with roasts and desserts. On other days we used to get occasional treats, and I remember always having far too much fizzy cooldrink, but I was never overweight as a child or teen.

I was always a normal weight and size. We ate no low fat or sugar-free foods, didn’t use artificial sweeteners and wholewheat or brown bread was for ‘poor’ people. A starchy side dish at every meal was common, and Fridays were ‘take-away day’. If I were to go back in time and eat exactly the same way we did back then, would I lose weight? What was so different then?

We were more ACTIVE! School days meant a lot of walking between classrooms, and we used to walk home from school in the afternoons, that’s at least a kilometre of walking every day. I also participated in sport and athletics at school, so that racked up more activity hours. As teens most of our socialising happened poolside, and we swam a lot. We danced, went roller-skating, and ice skating, we were always active. When we were youngsters, in the days before remote controls, we were our parents’ button-pushers / channel surfers!

Even when I started working, before I owned a car, daily life involved lots of walking between bus stops, home and office. Then as a young adult with a baby, there was daily housework, washing and ironing. Vacuuming is a good cardio workout, and hanging washing is fabulous for toning arms!

But gradually we got TV remotes, housekeepers, cars, e-mail to make our office days even more sedentary, gadgets and electronics that elevate our stress levels and keep the cortisol raised to wreak havoc with our waistlines, more TV channels to add more weekly hours spent sitting down watching the rectangle on the wall.

As for rushing to be on time…….. cell phones make it so easy to be slow.

Perhaps it’s not the diet that’s the problem at all. Perhaps it’s my activity levels!