Day 17 and 18 of 100 – When Cooking is a Chore and Skinny People Whine

Planning menus ahead is worth nothing on those days when you get home tired and frazzled from work, and the last thing you want to do is cook dinner. Frozen meals to the rescue!

Make an extra meal to freeze when you cook on weekends. Or spend a whole Sunday morning preparing easy freezer meals like bolognaise, mac & cheese, cottage pie, curries and so on, so you have a few freezer meal backups for the weeks ahead. Choose anything that can be boiled or microwaved from frozen for a fuss-free meal.

This way you can also make one night a week a no-cook night. Being married to an Italian means pasta is on the menu at least once a week. We usually have pasta, salad and ciabatta on Wednesday nights. We do try new sauces, but prefer a simple Napolitana sauce, which is not only healthier, but also freezes really well.

Stock up on small takeaway containers with tight fitting lids, and freeze sauces, leftovers and side dishes whenever possible.

This is obviously much easier in winter as stews, casseroles and curries are really easy to make in bulk and freeze!


Day 18 – I hate skinnies who complain that they’re fat!

Fuckoff please. Take your insecurities and fuckoff thataway, and leave me here with my very real blubber that probably weighs about half of what you do anyway. Bitch.

Most women simply whine that they’re fat because they feel that they are not entitled to be satisfied with being a size 12 or 14…. And if you are that size – please spare us REAL fatties the whining about how fat you are! If you must, then rather whine that you’re a perfect size, but “Boohoo I’m not emaciated, malnourished and look like a shapeless stick!”…… please fuckoff already.

The one thing I have learnt, being genuinely fat, is that I looked underweight as a size 10, stunning as a size 12, and sexy as a size 14! Hell yes! I wish I knew it then! I don’t strive for bony and too light, I want to be a fantastic 14 / 38…. Whatever weight that might be.

And to those of you bitching about how fat you are because you can pinch your hip – get over your bullshit and stop insulting those of us who know what real fat is.


Day 6 of 100 – Planning Ahead

A little bit of planning ahead is half the battle won!

I get up early on a Saturday morning, and plan a dinner menu for Monday to Friday the following week, and make a shopping list. This helps so much, because I don’t need to go shopping during the workweek, and end up getting tempted by everything on the shelves, and it saves oodles of time and stress deciding what’s for dinner every night, rushing around for ingredients and so on.

We have one rule – no planning on weekends! On weekends we eat something we really feel like on the day, and it helps that both my husband and I love cooking and trying out new recipes. Or we go to our favourite restaurants or try out new ones. I also limit my sweet treats to weekends, and it’ nice to think of it as a reward at the end of a week of good choices. This does not mean the weekend is an endless feast of sugar, oh contraire……. It is my opportunity to really savour every mouthful of a lovely piece of cake, tart or sweet

My weekly dinners are not ‘diet’ meals, they’re not low-fat or low-anything, we cut out no food groups and we really enjoy mealtimes. My healthier choices mean I have smaller portions, normal portions, not so little that you end up famished an hour later, and no more than I need to feel satisfied. Truth be told, I could eat even smaller portions still, and be satisfied after the meal. I keep breakfasts and lunches light and simple, and I have fruit everyday. It is working really well for me and I’m happy to be on a plan that doesn’t involve tearing the skin off all chicken!

Planning ahead for the 5 days also saves money as there are no extra sneak purchases during daily visits to the supermarket. I make sure I do my grocery shopping early, after I’ve had my breakfast at home, so I’m not tempted to listen to my screaming stomach to buy everything I can shovel down my throat.

I know this is all common sense, and these points have probably appeared in magazines countless times, but it really helps me stay on track! It also motivates because I feel chuffed that the week’s meals are planned and decided, ingredients are in the fridge and cupboard, and I don’t have to worry about temptation.

Depending on what we rustle up over weekends, I sometimes double the quantities of a meal and freeze one portion for another time. This is obviously much easier to do in winter with stews and curries, but also works with mac ‘n cheese, and I often make big pots of bolognaise sauce to freeze in single serving portions.

You know what’s great about planning Monday to Friday menus ahead? If you keep them you will have weeks and weeks’ worth of ideas for future menu plans, so you won’t even have to think too hard!