Day 9 of 100 – Having my Cake

Love cakes and loaves and tarts? I do!

I love baking and have a very sweet tooth. Only a cruel world would have diets that absolutely disallowed such wonderful treats.

A healthy lifestyle is not about avoiding the cake, it’s about having your cake…….. just a little at a time. Sometimes though, a little is just not enough. Sometimes I want much more than just a little nibble. It happens occasionally. Get over it and get back on track. Giving up on being healthy completely because of one binge is just idiotic.

Perhaps instead of blaming the cake for us tossing all our good intentions, simply because it was there tempting us, the cake should blame us for using it as a convenient cop-out, just an excuse to stop being healthy and revert to our worst habits on a fulltime basis again.

What to do? I love baking, and love sweet things, and you can’t exactly bake ONE cupcake……..

I have set aside Saturdays as my bake days. Early on Saturday mornings I decide what I want to make or bake on that day, and because I only bake once a week it can be difficult to decide what to make…….. a cake, a tart, a biscuit, something fruity, something creamy, something crunchy…… oh, so many choices. Then, instead of baking a big cake, or a big loaf, I make the normal recipe, but instead I split it and bake two small cakes, or tarts, or whatever it is – I make sure I have a small amount for home, for my hubby and I to enjoy over the weekend, and the other I take to visitors on Sunday, or give to someone else to enjoy. You’re welcome sugar!

The same rule applies if I am really not in the mood to bake and end up buying a cake or loaf or tart – halve it immediately and give half away, or, how about freezing the other half? Most cakes and tarts freeze quite well, and if nobody wants your gift, why not freeze it? Sure beats having a whole cake sitting on the counter tempting you every time you walk into the kitchen! And it is not so easy to binge on frozen cake!

This works very well for me. I can have my cake and eat it every weekend, I can treat someone else to something nice as well every weekend, and I’m not at risk of a big binge.

Baking Madeleines this weekend!